LinkedIn Banner Size: Make Your Profile Stand Out

LinkedIn banner size

Your LinkedIn profile is your digital storefront on the professional landscape. It’s where you showcase your skills, experience, and brand to potential employers, collaborators, and clients. And just like a storefront, the first impression matters. That is where your LinkedIn banner comes in – that eye-catching image that sits proudly at the top of your profile.

But before you scramble to find that perfect picture, there’s a little technical hurdle to jump over: choosing the right size. But you need not worry, here is some information on how you can sort out the confusion about LinkedIn banner size.

  • The Hero Image: Your Profile Banner

The hero of your profile, the banner image, boasts a recommended size of 1584 x 396 pixels. Think of it as a long, panoramic view. This wide aspect ratio (4:1) lets you showcase a captivating image representing your brand or company.

  • Keeping the Important Stuff in Focus

LinkedIn displays a smaller section of your banner on desktop and mobile. To ensure crucial information like your name or company logo is not cropped out, focus important details within a safe zone of 1546 x 423 pixels on the left side of the image.

  • Beyond the Profile: Event Banner Size

If you’re hosting a LinkedIn event, you’ll also need to consider the banner size for that. The landscape format reigns supreme here, with a recommended resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio. This wider format allows for clear and impactful visuals to grab attention for your event.


  1. You should use high-quality images for a polished look.
  2. Keeping your file size under 8MB for smooth uploading can be useful.
  3. JPG and PNG are your go-to file formats.

With the help of these simple guidelines, you can make sure your LinkedIn banner sizes are perfect to leave a lasting impression.

Altois, a leading provider of professional branding services, recommends using these dimensions to ensure your profile creates a powerful first impact. Now you can go forth and conquer the professional world, one perfectly sized banner at a time!

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