Improve your leads with our Facebook Ads service

How we succeed

Once you define your audience targeting criteria, we get to work on creating Facebook Ads that have an impact and drive results. Your campaigns are constantly analyzed and polished in order to maximize performance for your budget.

Focus on Sales Objectives

The strategies we implement are in tandem with our client’s objectives and the short and long-term sales goals.

Constant Audits & Optimisations

Engagement of continuous improvement process and optimization helps to improve the effectiveness of a campaign.

Regular Reporting

Maintaining a report on a weekly/monthly basis helps in timely feedback and perform improvements accordingly.

Dedicated Account Representative

A dedicated and pertinent representative is assigned to each of our clients to help them with any queries or problems.
With our Facebook Ads service, we go beyond engagement strategies and help brands optimize campaigns in real-time. We use advanced Facebook tactics like A/B split testing, retargeting audiences, and conversion optimization.

How can we help you?


Ongoing Management

We work as partners with our clients and help them with their overall campaign management.


One Time Setup

Our one-time setup ensures that the clients have a smooth ride in setting up their account.


Training & Consulting

We pair with our clients and support them with training & consulting service for their team.

Facebook Marketing Platform

There are various types of Facebook Ads that you can use depending on your product/service and your business objectives. Your objective can also determine whether you want your ads to be placed on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or Audience Network.


Advertise on the Facebook platform with a choice of placements
News Feed, Stories, Marketplace, Video Feeds, Right Column, In-Stream Videos, Search Results, Instant Articles


Extend your reach and find more customers with Facebook Messenger ads
Inbox, Stories, Sponsored Messages


Target high intent audiences based on the keywords and audiences on Google Search with Google Ads Search CampaignsFeed, Stories, Explore Drive awareness, increase customers and share your story amongst a highly engaged audience.

Facebook Audience Network

Reach more people through Facebook ads on mobile apps with the Facebook Audience Network.

Benefits of working with us

We do a blend of strategies to provide you with the best possible solution through our Google Ads service. We are always up to date with the latest trends and features rolled out by them.
Lower Cost per Lead
We focus on cost-effective strategies and effective execution
Higher Sales
Our main aim is to increase your sales at least by twofold
More Traffic
Our strategy aims at Increasing traffic to your campaigns
Better Quality leads

We ensure that our clients get qualified leads to convert them to customers.

Our Approach

Continuous Campaign Improvement Strategy

Generate Leads

Reach your target audience using Digital Ads to generate qualified leads

Manage & Track Lead Quality

Use an integrated CRM Sales Software for lead feedback and management

Campaign Improvement

Feedback from CRM about lead quality helps to optimize the campaigns for better leads

Our Certifications

Our partnership with leading advertising platforms helps us better serve our clients in their digital expedition. We have all the exclusive tools and disruptive techniques to ensure that our clients make the right decisions at the right time.
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What We Offer

We install conversion pixels on your website to detect the precise number of leads in a certain time period. We make sure that all requirements are met for an effective Facebook Ads campaign.

Generate high-quality leads and sales from targeted campaigns on Facebook with our personalized services

At a time of automation and AI, brands
need to drive qualified clicks


Facebook ads are user-friendly. They can reach customers at the early stage of the sale funnel before they are aware of their desires. It exhibits an instant influx of traffic to your website.

You can generate sales leads by first creating an ad copy and setting up the target audience and the placement of your ad. Once you are done, select lead generation as your objective, and it will walk you through the various steps involved. The call to action will link to a form where you can gather the particulars of the sales leads.
Images with people work well when it comes to Facebook Ads. The audience must be able to relate to the image used. Moreover, it should also go with the brand image. Exclusive and humorous photos with personality work well for some companies.
There are 8 Facebook ad formats. These include video ads, story ads, photo ads, carousel ads, messenger ads, collection ads, slideshow ads, and playable ads. Using the right format for your ad depends on your brand and the goal.

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