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We are an Elite Pipedrive Partner with over 6 years of experience implementing Pipedrive CRM across various industries. Our team of certified Pipedrive consultants can help you to assess your CRM requirements and plan, strategise and implement Pipedrive for your business. We will be your Pipedrive partner in the sales journey to help you build a complete and efficient marketing technology solution.

Pipedrive Is the CRM That Will Help You to Get More Out of Your Leads

Altois Manage Leads in an easy Pipeline View

Manage Leads in an Easy Pipeline View

Pipedrive’s visual sales pipeline provides a single view of your leads from multiple sources. It helps to remain organized and manage the complex sales process. Drag and drop leads between stages for easy control.

Email Integration, Contact & Calendar Sync

The two-way email sync in pipedrive can enable you to send and receive emails from from pipedrive without having to switch over to Gmail, etc. Get live notifications when your emails sent from Pipedrive are opened or links are clicked to follow up with the right pitch at the right time with the “Email Open & Click Tracking” feature. The two-way email sync in Pipedrive enables you to send and receive emails from Pipedrive without switching over to Gmail, etc. Get live notifications when your emails sent from Pipedrive are opened, or links are clicked to follow up with the right pitch at the right time with the “Email Open & Click Tracking” feature.

Altois Email Integration, Contact & Calendar Sync
Altois Customisable Reports & Interactive Dashboard

Customisable Reports & Interactive Dashboard

Escape from spreadsheets and slice and dice your data in customizable reports and interactive dashboards, create custom reports that matter to your business. Filter, group, and visualise results to show winning patterns. Eliminate bottlenecks for your team.

Mobile Apps

Access Pipedrive on the move with Native iOS and Android Apps that provide a seamless way to manage your leads. Start your day with a summary of upcoming activities and edit deals, activities, and contacts on the move. Be more productive with features such as Web to Mobile Calls, Audio Notes, and Locate on Map.
Altois Mobile Apps

Looking for a CRM Migration to Pipedrive?

We can help you plan and implement your CRM implementation from your current CRM software to Pipedrive CRM, helping you save cost and optimise your team productivity.

Looking For A CRM Migration To Pipedrive?

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Pipedrive partner Services

pipedrive implementation strategy icon

Implementation Strategy

We use insights and best practices from years of experience of implementing Pipedrive to help you Go-Live with Pipedrive quickly.
pipedrive consultant mix

Pipedrive Customisation

We can help you to customize CRM as per your requirements and help you to customize and add new fields.
pipedrive consultant system integration

System Integrations

We ensure that the CRM can efficiently serve as a cohesive part of your marketing technology stack with integrations to your existing systems.
pipedrive consultant marketing automation
We identify the process that can be automated within your marketing and sales departments, and build advanced automation workflows to save time and effort.
pipedrive consultant workshop

Workshops & Training

As an Elite Pipedrive Partner, our training consists of a deep dive into its features and guided walkthroughs.

pipedrive consultant dedicated support

Dedicated Support

Through our on-call, email, or chat support service, we are always here to assist you with any small or complex question.

Why Pipedrive?

Ranked #1 in Ease of Use

Pipedrive CRM is made by salespeople for salespeople, keeping ease of use in mind. With our Pipedrive onboarding, you can get started in a few days.

Track your Revenue

Pipedrive has extensive revenue tracking features like subscriptions, product based and revenue forecast which helps your sales team stay on top of their targets

easy Integrations with multiple Apps

Pipedrive Marketplace has access to hundreds of external apps which can be integrated with Pipedrive in a few clicks. As Pipedrive Partner, we can also assist you with custom integrations.

Save Costs on your CRM

Pipedrive Plans start at an affordable $9.90 per user per month for the essential plan, making it affordable for sales teams of all sizes.

Pipedrive will help you to

Keep Track of Crucial Conversations

Schedule meetings with prospects

Track & Meet your sales Targets

Keep your Sales team focused

Used by Over 100,000 Companies in 179 Countries






Frequently Asked Questions

Pipedrive is a CRM solution designed to manage sales and customer contacts. It helps organisations organise and track their sales pipeline. It also tracks emails, calls, and appointments to manage customer contacts. Pipedrive helps organisations manage their sales and customer connections, leading to higher revenue and customer satisfaction.

Pipedrive is a popular customer relationship management (CRM) application for small enterprises. It is easy to use and flexible, making it a wonderful alternative for small firms that require a simple yet effective approach to handle client connections.

100,000 businesses in 179 countries use Pipedrive worldwide.

Essential plan starts at $ 9.90 per user per month, billed annually, with a 14-day free trial.

Both programmes are intended to assist organisations in managing customer interactions, streamlining and tracking their sales process, and boosting revenue and client happiness.

The two tools do differ in several significant ways, though. For instance, while Salesforce is more potent and feature-rich, Pipedrive is typically thought of as being more user-friendly and simpler to understand.

While Salesforce offers a greater range of tools for customer relationship management, marketing, and other business tasks, Pipedrive also takes a more concentrated approach to sales.

A further benefit for small organisations is that Pipedrive is often less expensive than Salesforce.

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