Navigate your way to better quality leads & higher sales with Google Ads

With Google Ads, get the perfect combination of paid search strategy, research, management, and a team that’s smart, agile, and always ready to push you to reach new levels of growth.

Work with an authorized Google Partner

Our partnership with Google will help you reach potential customers online. Our team of certified experts use their Google Ads knowledge and expertise to analyze and optimize your campaigns to meet the right customer criteria and increase your business.
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How we succeed

There’s rarely a single approach to Google Ads, which is why we implement a strategy analysis process. Our team of experts undertakes a range of technical audits, each curated to help us recognize, review and catalog everything we need to know about our clients’ products or services.

In-Depth Research

Even before we get started with Google Ads, we do in-depth research and analyze your consumers, business, and the market.

Alignment with Sales Goals

Once we discuss your sales goals, we will strategize and create your campaigns keeping in mind what your end objective is.

Regular Audits - Daily Account Analysis & Optimisations

We believe in a continuous improvement process as it helps to improve the effectiveness of a campaign and helps us optimize it.

Weekly/Monthly Reporting

Once a campaign is live, we report on a weekly/monthly basis to get timely feedback and perform improvements accordingly.

Marketing RoI Tracking

We believe in getting you the maximum value out of your marketing budget, in line with your revenue expectations.

Assigning Dedicated Account Representative

Our client’s needs are our primary focus. We have dedicated account representatives to assist our clients with any queries or problems.

How can we help you?


Ongoing Management

We work as partners with our clients and help them with their overall campaign management.


One Time Setup

Our one-time setup ensures that the clients have a smooth ride in setting up their account.


Training & Consulting

We pair with our clients and support them with training & consulting service for their team.

Google Marketing Platform

Display & App Campaign

Utilise the Google Display Network on Websites and Mobile Apps and choose from a range of display adverts in multiple formats to a large number of audiences.

Video Campaigns

Increase your reach and engage with a wide range of audience on YouTube and through Google video partners.

Search Campaigns

Target high intent audiences based on the keywords and audiences on Google Search with Google Ads Search Campaigns

Discovery Campaigns

Deliver highly visual and personalized ad experiences based on customer intent signals to over 3 billion people on Google Feeds through Google Ads Discovery campaign.

Benefits of working with us

We do a blend of strategies to provide you with the best possible solution through our Google Ads service. We are always up to date with the latest trends and features rolled out by them.
Lower Cost per Lead
We focus on cost-effective strategies and effective execution
Higher Sales
Our main aim is to increase your sales at least by twofold
More Traffic
Our strategy aims at Increasing traffic to your campaigns
Better Quality leads

We ensure that our clients get qualified leads to convert them to customers.

Our Approach

Continuous Campaign Improvement Strategy

Generate Leads

Reach your target audience using Digital Ads to generate qualified leads

Manage & Track Lead Quality

Use an integrated CRM Sales Software for lead feedback and management

Campaign Improvement

Feedback from CRM about lead quality helps to optimize the campaigns for better leads

What We Offer

At a time of automation and AI, brands need to drive qualified clicks


Google Ads works by showing your ad when people search online for products and services that you offer. Google Ads helps show your ads to probable customers.

Ways to get started:

  • First, choose your goal; Is it to get more calls to your business and more traffic to your website?
  • Next, you choose the geographic area where you want your ad to be visible. It can be cities, states, or countries.
  • Lastly, you’ll set your monthly budget cap and craft your ad. Once your ad is accepted, it will appear whenever people in your target zone search for a service or product like yours. You pay when they engage with your ad, like calling your business or clicking your ad.
You can start your Google Ads depending on your criteria and budget. There’s no minimum spend requirement.

The three most common Google Ads campaign types are:

  • Search campaigns – typically text form, these ads can display Google search results pages when someone looks for a service or product like yours
  • Display campaigns – generally in the form of an image, these ads appear on websites or apps that the clients visit
  • Video campaigns – usually 6 or 15-second videos, these ads show during or before YouTube content
Yes. It depends on your market area, budget, and purpose. People nowadays search for their required products or services. Google Ads helps to set you at the top of that search list.

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