We ensure that your investment is worth every penny

How we succeed

We specialize in helping brands to get the highest return on their advertising spend and deliver result-oriented and customer-driven campaigns. Altois, with its PPC management solutions, helps your business to get computable and effective outcomes. Our services are able to optimize the customer journey and increase ROI for your PPC campaign.

In-Depth Research

Even before we get started with our PPC service, we do in-depth research and analyze your consumers, business, and the market.

Alignment with Sales Goals

Once we discuss your sales goals, we will strategize and create your campaigns keeping in mind what your end objective is.

Regular Audits - Daily Account Analysis & Optimisations

We believe in a continuous improvement process as it helps to improve the effectiveness of a campaign and helps us optimize it.

Weekly/Monthly Reporting

Once a campaign is live, we report on a weekly/monthly basis to get timely feedback and perform improvements accordingly.

PPC RoI Tracking

We believe in getting you the maximum value out of your marketing budget, in line with your revenue expectations.

Assigning Dedicated Account Representative

Our clients’ needs are our primary focus. We have dedicated account representatives to assist our clients with any queries or problems.
In the fast-paced digital marketing realm, companies are looking for rapid and effective ways to position their brands among high-converting consumers. Increase your search engine visibility and get effective results with our PPC agency services.

How can we help you?

Our highly skilled media planning process is based on in-depth research and highly skilled tools to develop well synergized creative, engaging, and innovative strategies. We ensure that our clients get a cost-effective plan that helps in increasing brand value as well as incur additional sales. We believe in full transparency with our clients in terms of planning, process, and rates.


ongoing Management

We work as partners with our clients and help them with their overall campaign management.


One Time Setup
Our one-time setup ensures that the clients have a smooth ride in setting up their account.


Training & Consulting
We pair with our clients and support them with training & consulting service for their team.

Benefits of working with us

Our strategies are personalized to your brand based on a cut-and-try approach. We are always abreast with the latest trends and features rolled out by Facebook.
Lower Cost per Lead
We focus on cost-effective strategies and effective execution
Higher Sales
Our main aim is to increase your sales at least by twofold
More Traffic
Our strategy aims at Increasing traffic to your campaigns
Better Quality leads
We ensure that our clients get qualified leads to convert them to customers.

Our Approach

Continuous Campaign Improvement Strategy

Generate Leads

Reach your target audience using Digital Ads to generate qualified leads

Manage & Track Lead Quality

Use an integrated CRM Sales Software for lead feedback and management

Campaign Improvement

Feedback from CRM about lead quality helps to optimize the campaigns for better leads

What We Offer

We can help you stretch expand your business to other PPC channels.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services are marketing services where you pay search engines and social media platforms to drive traffic to websites through clicks and visits. Each time there’s a click on your website, the payment goes to the platforms.
It totally depends on your business objective and the money you plan to spend on it.
It all depends on the standard and kind of PPC service you are looking for. The services range according to the work and the keywords used.
PPC can show instant results in leads and conversions for your business. Your ad sales are altered according to the performance for you to get the best ROI for your campaign.
There are many options like YouTube, Search, Display, Discovery, Gmail & Performance Max to launch your campaigns. But, first, you need to decide your budget and the audience you want to target for your business. While your target audience should be perfectly described, the creatives and design of the campaign should also resonate with your audience.
Prices for a PPC ad campaign depend on the business, industry, and the strategy you want to implement. The agency you are opting for will evaluate your business and requirements and accordingly will give you a price quote.
It is highly recommended to monitor and keep updating your accounts. If you are new to the business , monitoring should be done on a daily basis. Depending on the number of clicks and leads generated, you need to update your landing page and website for better customer service.

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