Pipedrive Implementation

We Provide the Precise Way to Set Up Your CRM

A Comprehensive 5-Step Pipedrive Implementation Program Devised by Our Experts. We Provide the Precise Way to Set Up Your CRM.​

We start with discussing your complete workflow from sales to distribution through conference sessions. We turn the insights into a detailed flowchart to understand how your tech system can be optimized for the best productivity and results. We analyze each action and try to incorporate integrations, templates, and automation which can be used to save time and increase efficiency. The flowchart provides an all-inclusive sheet and a compact groundwork to build the system. 

After that, we will set up your sales process in Pipedrive, which will include configuring your inbound lead sources, pipeline stages, activities, and templates. This ensures that a good data set will be available for future reporting as well as promoting uniformity in the sales approach taken by your entire team.

At this stage, we will migrate your existing data from your old CRM or Excel Sheet into Pipedrive CRM and ensure that there is no data loss and allow for the smooth functioning of the CRM.

We will begin training your team as soon as the system begins operating at an optimal level, and we will ensure that they fully comprehend all of the nuances that are necessary for them to know. Every bit of training that is offered is tailored specifically to the individual and the role they play in the company.

After Pipedrive implementation, even when the system gets accustomed to everyone and business gets to its usual pace, our team of experts will be there to guide and help you with any query or question.

  • Automation and workflow optimization
  • Marketing, finance, and operations integrations
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Connecting existing applications to new tech
  • Data source and automatic updates

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Pipedrive Services

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Implementation Strategy

We use insights and best practices from years of experience of implementing Pipedrive to help you Go-Live with Pipedrive quickly.
pipedrive consultant mix

Pipedrive Customisation

We can help you to customize Pipedrive as per your requirements and help you to customize and add new fields.
pipedrive consultant system integration

System Integrations

We ensure that Pipedrive CRM can efficiently serve as a cohesive part of your marketing technology stack with integrations to your existing systems.
pipedrive consultant marketing automation
We identify the process that can be automated within your marketing and sales departments, and build advanced automation workflows to save time and effort.
pipedrive consultant workshop

Workshops & Training

Our training includes both an in-depth exploration of the features of Pipedrive as well as guided walkthroughs.

pipedrive consultant dedicated support

Dedicated Support

We are always available to help you with any question, no matter how simple or complicated it may be. You can contact us by phone, email, or live chat for support.

Pipedrive Will Help You To

Keep Track of Crucial Conversations

Schedule Meetings With Prospects

Track & Meet Your Sales Targets

Keep Your Sales Team Focused

Used by Over 100,000 companies in 179 countries






Frequently Asked Questions

Pipedrive CRM software helps businesses manage their sales pipeline. It centralises lead, contact, deal, and activity tracking. The software has email integration, customizable deal stages, and reporting and analytics. Sales teams use Pipedrive to manage their sales process, but customer service and marketing teams can also use it. It can be accessed from any internet-connected device as a web-based application.

  1. Create your pipeline:
    Use a template or create the stages of your sales funnel. Deals can be entered manually or automatically imported from a CRM or spreadsheet.
  2. Monitor progress:
    For deals to stay on track, receive automated alerts and reminders. Each time a deal progresses through the sales funnel, sales forecasts are updated.
  3. Boost your sales:
    Evaluate analytics and make use of AI technology to find chances to increase sales. Automate administrative and routine tasks.

Pipedrive integrates with over 350+ applications. Head over to the Pipedrive Marketplace to know more.

Essential plan starts at $ 9.90 per user per month, billed annually, with a 14-day free trial.

Both programmes are intended to assist organisations in managing customer interactions, streamlining and tracking their sales process, and boosting revenue and client happiness.

The two tools do differ in several significant ways, though. For instance, while Salesforce is more potent and feature-rich, Pipedrive is typically thought of as being more user-friendly and simpler to understand.

While Salesforce offers a greater range of tools for customer relationship management, marketing, and other business tasks, Pipedrive also takes a more concentrated approach to sales.

A further benefit for small organisations is that Pipedrive is often less expensive than Salesforce.

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