8 Optimization Strategies to Increase Conversions for Your Landing Page

What is Landing Page Optimization?

Landing page optimization for PPC is the process of building well-designed pages for PPC visitors and optimizing each component on the page to increase the percentage of visitors that accomplish your desired goal. 

The ultimate goal of PPC landing page optimization is to build pages that fully engage your target audience so you can drive more traffic through paid search.

In short, landing page optimization leads to higher conversions, which increases the ROI of your PPC marketing campaigns. 

You just don’t want the audience to visit your page. You want them to convert to a customer and take some action. So make it as easy and compelling as possible for them by including these elements found in a landing page that CONVERTS:

Understand your campaign goals

landing page optimization

You’d think the goal is clear, but what we’ve found is that one of the most significant problems with most landing pages is they require us to focus on one particular goal or CTA. Many landing pages have various offers that confuse users and make them lose sight of the conversion aspect of the landing page.

Write simple and straightforward headlines

A big part of landing page testing is getting the Headline right because visitors focus on the Headline when they come to the landing page. Most people leave your landing page within 8 seconds, so your headline is often your only shot at convincing them to stick around. So be transparent and concrete in what you’re offering. If you can’t summarize what the visitor will get from you in five words or less, keep repeating until you can. In most circumstances, precise wording doesn’t convert. People won’t work that hard to figure out what you’re trying to say. Be specific, be compelling, and be brief.

Are your images right?

Content is essential, but images help deliver emotions to make users take action. It’s important that all images used on the landing page, from those used within the page or the header image, are in sync with the content to make the messages reach out.

Add customer testimonials

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Customer reviews play a vital part in showing brand trust towards a new customer. In fact, 91% of people read online reviews, and 84% trust those reviews as much as recommendations.
Testimonials are a type of review and social proof. They serve to guide potential customers and help overcome objections, but they’re unique in one significant way: Testimonials are selected by you. This means you have full authority over which testimonials are used and where and how they are displayed.

Use CTAs that make users take action

CTAs (calls to action buttons) are the most important landing page components, as it’s the best way to get users to take action. It might just look like a button, but everything about it means to get users to take action. Your Call to Action (CTA) is the action you are asking your website visitor to take. 

Your CTA should be the most striking feature on your landing page. it should be clear, with contrasting colors. Keep them short, action-oriented words to invoke an immediate reaction. Show the obvious appeal or value exchange in your CTA – make yours an offer they can’t refuse.

Keep the form short and sweet

How many times have you been set off by a long or complicated form? Think of it this way: If a visitor feels like they’re giving up more information than the value they’re holding, they won’t convert. It’s a fine balance between requesting too much information in your form and improving your conversion rate. The longer your form, the fewer people will take the time and effort to fill it.
 Keep your form fields limited, such as “first name” and “email” as mandatory contact details. You can always have optional fields to collect more precious customer data – without losing as many leads.

Mobile first

We’ve heard it a million times: mobile-first. In 2016, mobile and tablet internet usage exceeded desktop for the first time. Google search results support mobile-friendly websites, which makes it likely that first-time visitors see a website on their mobiles. If the landing page and the signup form are not presented correctly on mobile, the site will likely lose many possible conversions. It seems obvious, but even today, there are still way too many websites that are not mobile-friendly. Sometimes, a website will look good on a mobile device, but the signup forms drop short. Other times, the fields and buttons are too small, or the designer has chosen input methods cumbersome to use on mobile.

Exit popups are great to go

We know popups suck from a user experience point of view. But they’re also almost necessary for landing page optimization to increase the number of leads. Remember that someone who sees an exit popup is pretty much a lost cause – it’s generally a visiter who’s about to click out of your page. Give them an extended offer (or communicate some additional benefit) to get them to rethink converting.

Start with a few of these tips to improve your landing page optimization. There you have it: ways you can increase your conversions. The actual trick to each of these points is iterating, experimenting, and refining based on results. Landing pages aren’t things that are published and done; they need to be regularly tweaked to find the combination that moves the needle.  Craft and attention to detail to essential elements such as the headline and CTA buttons can give your conversions boost and beyond simple A/B testing of the design. 

Put these tricks together, and you’ll have a landing page that works hard for your business and gets you actual results. Struggling with your landing page? Visit us at or mail us at

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