A Complete Guide to Buy CRM Software

Introduction We live in a world run by mobiles and laptops, shifting your business to a digital model is the need of the hour. Customers become keener and are always on the search for tailored assistance for their problems related to the product/service. To help create repeatable, consistent customer engagement strategies, organizations are turning to […]

A walkthrough on getting started with Pipedrive

With the advent of Pipedrive, the arena of sales CRM has changed drastically. Founded in 2010, It has become one of the leading CRM platforms for tracking communications, leads, and deals for a better sales organization.  Companies, irrespective of their size and sector are of shifting to Pipedrive as their first preference for sales CRM. […]

4 Tips To Make CRM Migration Successful

The CRM industry continues to grow at an astounding rate, and each year new statistics are reported based on CRM trends.  A CRM system is no longer optional – it’s has become intrinsic for businesses to stay in the competitive arena. CRM brings a high-quality customer experience, sustaining existing clients, and gaining the trust of […]

12 Work from Home Tips to boost your productivity in 2021

Looking for some quick work from home tips to boost focus? You are not alone! The COVID-19 Pandemic is accelerating working from home, a trend that has appeared in many businesses and companies like real estate, information technology, and digital marketing agencies. While working from home sounds like leisure to some, it’s certainly not. According to […]

Google Ads Mistakes you should avoid.

Google ads mistakes to avoid banner

Google Ads can be challenging for beginners. Setting an Ad campaign is easy, but learning this platform can take time. We have bought some Google Ads mistakes you should avoid while making an ad campaign. Google Ads is a powerful advertising platform for search engines, Google Display Network, and YouTube to rank your company. Setting […]

Landing Page Optimization Tips That Will Increase Conversions

What is Landing page Optimization? Landing page optimization for PPC is the process of building well-designed pages for PPC visitors and optimizing each component on the page to increase the percentage of visitors that accomplish your desired goal.  The ultimate goal of PPC landing page optimization is to build pages that fully engage your target audience […]

5 Techniques to reduce load time of website

5 Techniques-banner-blogs

Statistics suggest that 45-50% of users stay on a website for 10-20 seconds when searching for something, and if they don’t find what they are searching for, they close the page. If you don’t want to lose potential customers from your website, you need to make it fast. This is why page load time is […]

Common UI Design Mistakes to avoid

5 common UI design mistakes-banner

Website design and technology are constantly evolving and evolving, and it’s more important now than ever to stay informed on what makes a website successful. Here are some common UI design mistakes that we’ve encountered over Unresponsive Design An unresponsive design prevents you from providing the best UX experience possible. That makes the design complicated […]

Tips and Tricks for how to increase conversion rates on the Landing Page

Tips and Tricks for how to increase conversion rates on the Landing Page 👇 Landing page conversion rate is an important part of marketing. Your landing page’s conversion rate is calculated based on: The number of people who visited your page. The number of people who converted (took the desired action). No one gets the […]

The scenario of the Real Estate Industry in recent times

Gone are the days when people used to depend on newspapers and local agents in quest of real estate properties. Real Estate is no longer an offline business. Today, the internet has leveraged people with the power to find the best-suited real estate properties with just a few clicks. Agents dealing with property of land […]