Digital Marketing Service for Educational Institutions

Internet and digital media have completely revolutionized the way the education sector works. Today, students are influenced by the internet. Educational institutes need to increase their presence on the internet to increase their reach among the students. Digital marketing is the way forward for educational institutes to reach out to potential students.

Industry Challenges

Lack of brand awareness

The educational sector is run by oligopolies. Most of the new brands struggle to stand out and find a place among the established players

Failure to reach out to quality students

It is difficult to ascertain the correct target audience without the help of metrics. This leads to wrong targeting and poor leads.

Low student enrolments

Without qualified leads, the number of students enrolling during the admission season gets impacted negatively.

Low student engagement

Most of the students today are online. Therefore, traditional marketing channels fail to tap the potential leads due to a lack of engagement.


With Altois, our clients are served with a range of solutions to spread their reach among the targeted audience. We provide a One-Stop Solution For All admission related marketing woes

Standout social media campaigns

We provide a 360-degree solution for social media campaigns. The campaigns are curated after long hours of research and analysis of the market. Our team is adept in marketing brands across various social media platforms. We ensure that the campaigns are attractive and informative enough to generate organic leads.


Our content team works with our web and marketing teams to formulate the content strategy that will work best for our clients. Content is the basis on which the process of communication with the audience depends on and therefore, we strike a balance between the words and idea behind the marketing.


A website is the first point in contact with potential customers and hence grabbing their attention is imperative. Our expert team of designers focuses on developing a coherent website by improving the functionality and overall structure. Our web development strategy is based on our clients’ goals and to bring high-quality leads.


Our SEO service offers ways to drive organic traffic, leads, and revenue for our clients. Our SEO team provides education institutes with relevant keywords that help them rank and attract potential customers. We provide our service to top organizations to adopt the latest SEO updates.


Every company has its own identity. We help our clients figure out their brand identity and what they preach for. Our content management team along with the marketing team works closely with our clients to devise a strategy that is in tune with their goals and objectives.

landing Page

Our team of designers helps you create landing pages that are visually appealing, which is a blend of art and technicality. We focus on creating landing pages that will engage your visitors, answer their questions and turn them into quality leads. We also help clients with existing landing pages with high bounce rates.

Our Success mantra


We help our clients to position their brands in the minds of their customers through proper massage and means of communication. We focus on targeting the correct set of audience that has the potential of quality leads.

Generate more leads

Our main aim is to help real estate companies to generate more leads and finally convert to customers. We provide a bouquet of services and multi-channel strategies to connect our clients with the targeted customers.

Reporting & Optimization

Our weekly/monthly basis of making reports helps our clients get timely feedback and understand what is working best for the company and accordingly perform improvements. We also optimize our strategies based on the reports.

Marketing Platforms

  • Search Ads​
  • Display Ads​
  • Video Ads​
  • App Ads​
  • Instagram​
  • Messenger​
  • Messenger​
  • Network​

Video Marketing


Benefits of working with us

We do a blend of strategies to provide you with the best possible solution through our Google Ads service. We are always up to date with the latest trends and features rolled out by them.

Cost-effective strategies

We focus on cost-effective strategies and effective execution.

Higher Sales

Our main aim is to increase your sales at least by twofold.

More Traffic

Our strategy aims at Increasing traffic to your campaigns.

Better Quality leads

We ensure that our clients get qualified leads to convert them to customers.

Boost Exposure

We want the target audience to know and be aware of our client’s brands.


We ensure that your campaigns are visually appealing to
our audience..

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