We spend days creating and building the perfect landing page. But, do you plan about the CTAs? Your CTA copy deserves that same amount of commitment because it is ultimately the bridge between your business and customers. In fact, the success of your campaign rests on the quality of your CTA. It’s the last leg in effectively grabbing the reader’s attention and convincing them to engage with your marketing campaign. 

What is a CTA Copy?

CTA (call to action) copy basically creates urgency and need among the readers to engage with the landing page for a specific purpose. 

How to measure compelling CTA copy

CTA is best measured through analytics, which helps you to analyze how often the CTA is clicked and engaged with. 

Here are some of the best practices for writing CTA copy that will lure your reader and generate the best measurable results: 

Ambiguity creates a bad impression

Yes, you need to be creative with your CTA copy, but there is no place for ambiguity. A proper balance between creativity and clarity strikes a chord with the visitor. When crafting an effective CTA copy, make sure it’s straightforward and communicates to the readers precisely what they can expect on the other side of the link.

Let the reader know the benefits

While most of the CTA copies merely ask the reader to perform an action, it’s best to give the reader a motive to complete that action. However, it should be kept in mind that the reason should directly benefit the reader.

Don’t be aggressive with your copy

CTA copy should work as a gentle push for the readers in the right direction as opposed to an aggressive shove. The tone of your copy should be moderate and certain words should be avoided to prevent readers from feeling stressed and opting out. 

Make your user’s time worthy

There should be some kind of incentive that your users get from clicking on the CTA button. If they feel that it is not worth it, your whole CTA process goes in vain. Make sure to show your readers that you honor their time and action.

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