How to Get Started With Pipedrive?

With the advent of Pipedrive, the arena of sales CRM has changed drastically. Founded in 2010, It has become one of the leading CRM platforms for tracking communications, leads, and deals for a better sales organization. 

Companies, irrespective of their size and sector are of shifting to Pipedrive as their first preference for sales CRM. The platform is simple and offers incredible insight to identify characteristics of successful deal cycles. 

Due to its customizable nature, Pipedrive CRM helps in establishing its own exclusive sales procedures without having to use the age default standards. One of the noteworthy driving pros of using Pipedrive lies in its inherent flexibility.

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Features of Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive gives out a bunch of great features that are useful: 

• Create, label, and customize your pipeline and process stages

• Keep track of the whole contact history from start to end

• Get leads from chatbots and email forms, and through integrations

• Get full visibility and transparency on all communications 

• Get comprehensive control over business data and sales paths

• Automate tasks with Pipedrive and its integrations

• Automate lead sourcing and build relationships

What makes Pipedrive superior to others in the market?

Pipedrive gets competition from all the specialist pipeline CRMs with a variety of exclusive features and cost-effective plans. Here are just a few positive reasons why the platform sits apart from the competition:

• Simple in usage compared to other CRMs. 

• Integrates with over 350 third party programs, platforms, and services

• Offers a variety of apps, across Android, iOS, and via web

• Remains one of the highly customizable CRMs available

• Unlike some CRMs and platforms, Pipedrive is built to scale and grow with your business

• Requires nominal training to be adopted by the team

• Data such as spreadsheets are always easy to import and export

• Full client support is available through a helpline, email, and live chat

• Same support channels are available to your customers

How Much Does Pipedrive Cost?

Pipedrive pricing is highly flexible and cost-effective. The system is currently available to new users at the following levels:

• Essential – US $12.50 per month, per user, with access to entry-level pipeline management

• Advanced – US $24.90 per month, per user, with access to intermediate automation, and workflow management

• Professional – US $49.90 per month, per user, with complete access to Pipedrive’s best CRM facilities

• Enterprise – US $99.90 per month, per user, built for bigger businesses for wider onboarding

Our Verdict

Sustaining a sales pipeline over the decade has been complicated and hectic. Nevertheless, in the age of the customizable, accessible, and flexible CRM, it’s getting easier to keep track of all the communication and lead cycles. Pipedrive CRM is the answer to all the woes of a business platform. It helps businesses to manage the sales targets, and ensure to help potential customers to be content, assured, and well-informed. 

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